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Meet BauWatch

We ensure that our customers can do what they do best without worrying about security

We make security simple—that’s our goal! From communication, to processes, products, and services, we take the hassle out of security and give our customers the peace of mind they need to get on with their businesses and their lives. Throughout their relationship with us, we offer the best surveillance technology with exceptional and transparent customer service.

Europe’s number 1 in temporary security

BauWatch is the European leader in rapidly deployed, digitally managed, temporary site security and compliance systems. Established in the Netherlands in 2008, we created and invested in this product category, and now set the standard for the industry. We provide first-class protection for all types of locations from construction sites, energy farms to long-term vacant properties without power.

The moment our state-of-the-art integrated software detects movement, the on-site cameras start recording and an alarm signal is sent to the BauWatch 24/7 control center. There, our trained team instantly check the images and take appropriate action.