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Meet BauWatch

Onze Waarden

Denken vanuit de klant, anderen versterken, verbeter elke dag, eigenaarschap nemen en gaan voor succes liggen aan de basis van alles wat we doen.

Working at BauWatch:

Find out why our team is proud to call this company home.

  • BauWatch offers a unique and dynamic international environment led by a great management team. The freedom and space to learn together with my colleagues are things that I strongly emphasize about working here. At BauWatch you feel like what you have to say matters, and that gives you a sense of deep meaning to your tasks.

    Daniela Rebolo

    Daniela is an internal communications specialist within the BauWatch HR team.

  • I enjoy collaborating, sharing insights and learning from each of my colleagues. Together we get the best out of our diverse and dynamic team.

    Laura Casparini

    Laura is Managing Director Italy

  • I started working at BauWatch as a freelancer. BauWatch is a great company to work for, principally, if you like fast paced and challenging environments where you continue to learn and grow. The company is growing fast and has a real hands-on culture and new ideas are always welcome. I liked working at BauWatch so much, that I decided to take on a permanent role and leave freelancing to others.

    Hans Bronkhorst

    Hans is Group Information Technology Manager and responsible for our ICT support.