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You will take part in an exciting journey to disrupt the temporary security market. You will work with complex technology and dedicated specialists to create the next great thing.

Why BauWatch?

At BauWatch, you step into an environment where best-in-class services, high-tech security, intelligent data and process improvement all come together: a dynamic world where no day is the same.

We are international, down-to-earth, entrepreneurial, eager to learn and constantly looking for opportunities to improve and grow.

We are open to trying out new ideas and take our responsibility there to help employees, customers and forward and be successful.

We want to contribute to a future worth living and thus build a sustainable business.

We are working hard to become a fully circular organisation with a focus on sustainability and diversity. In our teams, everyone counts and we involve, value and respect each individual.

√ A challenging role in a dynamic and fast-growing organization

√ Working with innovative and complex technology

√ An informal working atmosphere and committed colleagues

√ Plenty of room for personal growth & development

√ A lot of freedom to organize and carry out your work as you see fit

√ Interesting employment conditions

Good to know

Personal growth and development?

BauWatch fosters growth through learning opportunities and training programs for all employees. We encourage internal promotions, allowing individuals to advance and excel within the organization. Additionally, we support personal development paths, accommodating the balance between study and work commitments for continuous personal and professional growth.

Sustainability & the environment?

We are dedicated to environmental preservation and sustainability, actively pursuing the goal of carbon neutrality. In a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, we have adopted electric cars for our company fleet, significantly lowering our greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, we constantly improve our Towers to include more sustainable technologies. Further demonstrating our dedication to a greener future, we have formed strategic partnerships with organizations that share our commitment to sustainability.

Diversity & Inclusiveness?

As an international company we place a high priority on diversity and cultural education within our organization. We understand that our strength lies in the variety of perspectives and experiences brought by our employees from around the globe. By fostering a diverse and inclusive environment that encourages the exploration and appreciation of different cultures, we aim to enhance collaboration and innovation across our teams. We actively support initiatives and programs designed to broaden cultural awareness among our staff, recognizing that such efforts not only enrich our company culture but also contribute to more effective and empathetic global operations. Our commitment to diversity and learning about other cultures underscores our dedication to being a truly international company.

Social Impact?

As a proud member of the Haniel portfolio, we are deeply invested in creating a positive impact on the world through thoughtful social engagement and support. With a guiding principle of 'enkelfähig' – creating value for generations – we are committed to fostering sustainably successful business models that promise enduring success. Our recent donation of €24,500 to UNICEF's Climate Project in Madagascar exemplifies this commitment. This contribution represents our dedication to supporting vulnerable communities. Through actions like these, BauWatch aims to uphold the values of sustainability and resilience, ensuring our business practices contribute to a better future for all, aligning with Haniel's vision of guaranteeing sustainable success across generations.